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  1. Evan Yurman says:

    Good morning. I wanted to put an order in for a holster for my Cabot 1911 4”. I am lookIng for a right hand FBI cant. Could you please send me some of the model options you suggest. What materials do you suggest for a supply feel. Can you do suede interior? I’m sure you have done this before so I am open to your suggestions.

    Thank you,

    Evan Yurman

    Feel free to call me 646 642 7597

  2. garange says:

    Hello Evan,
    I appreciate the interest in one of my holsters. If you have a Facebook account there is a link on the first page of this website that will direct you to my account. I have a public photo album named “My Gunleather” that has many more recent photos of holsters I’ve built for others that may give you a better idea of a design you may like. They are all numbered when opened for better reference it interested in reviewing. I don’t add a suede lining in fear of moisture collection if the firearm is stored in them for a prolonged time. I do ensure the inside is very smooth before completed to help prevent any marking on the weapon and for an easier drawing and re-holstering. One of the most popular models for the 1911 is the Texoma Carry Holster which is pictured a few times on both of the accounts. If the Facebook account isn’t an option let me know and I can send you a couple of photos that I believe are nice holsters for the 1911 models. Thanks again,

    Gary Betz (Betz Gunleather)

  3. Evan Yurman says:

    Gary. Unfortunately I don’t have FACEBOOK. If you can please use my email to communicate the images.

    Thank you,


    • garange says:

      Hello Evan, just wanted to be sure you received my reply the other day on the price of the sharkskin holster. If you decide you are interested just shoot me an email and we will go from there. Thanks again for the interest.


  4. Lou says:

    I own one of your holsters and wish to buy more.
    Please advise me on how to do so.
    Thank you,

  5. John says:

    I was given your info from a good friend Rick. Do you have any AIWB for a S&W SD9VE? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • garange says:


      Sorry for the delay I’ve been out of town all week and just saw your message. When I return later today I’ll check my dummy gun collection but don’t believe I have that model available to mold a holster for it but will check and get back with you. I appreciate the interest and of course Rick giving you my name.


      Gary (Betz Gunleather)

      • garange says:

        Sorry but I don’t have a dummy gun to mold the SD9VE unless I was able to use the actual gun. I do appreciate the interest.


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